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Shifts in technology create product opportunities as the change in user behavior gives way to new norms in daily life. The mobile revolution has been great, right? You can be in touch with anyone, from anywhere at anytime, with just a press and a click of a few buttons. Time spent in your car, stuck in traffic is no longer downtime. It’s now call-time. Can’t get to the meeting? No problem – just dial in from the road. But the “last mile” of the conference call, isn’t the phone number – it’s entering the conference code.

Ever been on the road, flipping back and forth between your calendar and the keypad to enter the 8-digit pin followed by the pound sign? Not so easy. All that technology in the palm of your hand, and you might resort to using a pen and a napkin to write down the conference number. Sounds inconvenient (and it is), but worse than that it’s dangerous. Talking while driving is bad enough, but fumbling around while driving is a definite no-no. In fact, you’re 4x more likely to get into an accident while talking on your phone (non-hands free) and 23x more likely to get into an accident while texting! (According to the FCC) The struggle with conference call numbers is the perfect intersection of both hazards.)

Enter MobileDay, a one-touch conference-calling app that allows you to dial into any conference service, from any platform, in just one touch – a clever solution to an everyday problem for many of us.  After all – isn’t that what makes a great product? The MobileDay breakthrough is a single user interface that works with a multitude of conference calling solutions: Free Conference Call, Skype, WebEx, etc. You don’t need to know the type of conference service you’re joining, the app does that for you.  The fact that MobileDay also offers a free conference bridge line to those who need it makes us wonder if the traditional conference services are in danger. Could this new safety-first intruder become a competitive threat?

Modern day problem, clever and elegant solution! Props to the team at MobileDay for keeping us safe and productive at the same time.


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