Innovation Comes in Many Shapes and Sizes

 In Innovation, Management, Tactical Innovation

By Susan L. Penta

Much of what is written about innovation is focused on coming up with the next big disruptive idea but at MIDIOR we recognize that innovation comes in many shapes and sizes; from platform to process, new business models to distribution channels. There are many dimensions to successful innovation not the least of which is how to make informed decisions about which new products and services to take through development and bring to market. If you don’t have the tools and techniques to screen and validate your ideas to select the right ones you will surely invest time and resources going down the wrong path. Stages of Innovation is written for product teams that are tasked with innovation in pursuit of delivering incremental revenue even as they manage all of the blocking and tackling of their everyday jobs. Our focus is on the discipline of “tactical innovation” in support of a defined mission that shows demonstrable results in a shorter timeframe than what “strategic innovation” typically delivers. In this blog you’ll rarely find discussion about taking the big swings, changing the corporate mindset, disrupting industries or pivoting the organization. What we will do is share with you some of the lessons learned about successful, and not so successful, innovation initiatives from work we’ve engaged in with our clients. As a result we hope to generate a discussion that may help you incorporate innovation into your team DNA, expand your innovation pipeline, build innovation teams and improve on your innovation track record.

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